So can a dyslectic have a blog? – well yes! But does anyone understand what the dyslectic is publishing? – probably not!

Well that is, in its nature not true – studies shows that like any other mental disorder or dysfynction some dyslectic people due to their personality finds ways and strategy’s to overcome the lack of basic phonological abilities – now for what im understanding, its all about the non-existing ability of decoding the sounds of letters in the different language – I might be wrong –  but lets call it: “the dyslectic version of the truth”!

I guess a wonder-linguist would correct me in the matter – but please dont, make your own blog instead, mostly because we dyslectic people dont understand 75% of the words you say/write/try to explain… so it would also be a waste of you own time. Im just kidding – give it a try and I’ll prove that im right about the 75% !!

So blogging can be done by a dyslictic then, yes!! But you have to be keen on it, stubborn and have some spare time, because “we” make alot of typo’s and the grammatic errors, verbs are wrong ect. ect. But it can be done in a way, so it is understandable and maybe decoded in right manner.

Fortunately im stubborn and keen on it. If people ask me what it feels like, to be dyslectic? I simply answer I dont know! It is all I have ever known! In that contrast I often say, I guess it is like – you – running a 100 meters sprint against me on you knees – not exatly a win – win situation for you!  (it will take you a long time and your knees will probably hurt/bleed/have no skin!)

To be a little serious here at the ending of this post – dyslectic people have problem hearing the sounds of the letters and therefore foreing languages are often difficult to absorb and the development of strategy’s for learning the structure of the language are often very time consuming and a frustating process.

Good night/day both dyslectic and non-dyslectic