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Might be Odd

….Odd – I guess it refers to “out of the ordinary” – but I really dont know… Odd, right?

People with different kind of fear, anxiety and every day life damaging thougths are often being seen as – Odd- becuase they tend to do some elusive maneuver to reduce the impact of a sudden intrusive thought. But how do “they”/”we”/I experience this -out of the ordinary stuff – reaction? Ofcourse there is not a right answer to this, but… Maybe it will make sense to you when you are done reading this – but just maybe, there is a risk of you thinking that everything just got more -Odd- and for that I apologize – deeply!

So im standing in line, at the university cantine, waiting to get some dinner. They server codfish with mustard sauce – a must have, I know it is odd but you gotta eat fish twice a week, period!

You pay per 100 g you fill on to your plate – so now you know that the plate is stabled out in the open for every single one to grab one and fill them up with the quantity they think that they can consume. There are 4 stacks of plate and as the line progress forward I can see that people in front of me are grabbing plates from all 4 stacks – now the intrusive thoughts are starting to build out inside the head. People’s upperside of their hand are touching the plate beneath, and one start to wonder – where has those nails been doing for the past teen minutes – maybe been biting nails, deep inside and cleaning a ear or maybe some serious gold digging up the nose?

Did you loose your appetite? Understandable – but dont worry I can help – just grab a plate and put it onto another stack, grab another from the first stack where you picked the first plate from, and say out load: “this one is dirty”  and place it on the counter.  Now pick the third Plate and start getting your codfish – of course people have been using their fingers on the spatula and spoons…. damn!

The written example above is a version where the persone  are in somewhat control – or very hungry for codfish. For a person out of control, dinner from the cantine would not even be a option…

Some People with disorders are so much in control that is dosn’t affect them to do what is ordinary, but they still got the thoughts.

This is Odd Ordinary Things, what seems like ordinary thing to some, can be a mindstruggling task for others…

So people are not doing odd stuff to piss you off. They are having a Waterloo of thier own, against their brain, and it is not a easy win!

Next time we’ll have a look on the shopping basket and driving in public transportation… might be Odd! ? !


Im just asking…

Obsessiv compulsive disorder!… Yes a insanely complex disorder yet somewhat simple. I got a good friend of mine, she is a psychologist, not a therapist of OCD  – just a very good friend, she asked me this: For people with OCD, wouldn’t it be better if it was said CDO for the systematic reason within you brain and reactions towards the diagnosis you got?

Personally i am not freaked out about how the order of the letters are – but lets think about how this would help us not to be misunderstood. For instance im very open about my OCD, often 10-15 minuttes after people meet me the first time i’ve told them about me having my dayli problem. But when you say: I got OCD ( remember im Danish) people often looks very suspicious at me like they heard wrong or missed a word. Im just babbling along and suddenly I tell about the fear of germs and it like they finally understood what it is all about. Reason for this – OECD ( the organisation for econimic co-operation and development) – many people initial thoughts was: What did he get from OECD? some statistics, reports or some lawstuff, why is he babbling about germs?

If there is a crowd, it takes one person to like ask, what do mean – germs? OECD? I go – OH no! no! no! – Im like washing my hands insanely and checking my apartment like 10 times before I leave it – every time!

So CDO would probably help with my minor problem about OCD being spelled OCD. But CDO doesn’t do anything else for my fear of germs and my apartment will probably burn down anyway if i dont do my standarized checking procedure. So from my point of view CDO would not safe my world – but on the other hand – CDO sounds like at organisation that is prepared to take over the world at any time. I got CDO – I do my part. Maybe with a twist – I got CDO with OCD !! Now thats kinda freaky! 😀

If you got OCD or relatives who suffer from OCD or just curious about OCD please feel free to post